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Home Care Services


Live-in Home Care

MIMI Cares Personal Care Services are designed for individuals who need increased assistance with more personal areas of care. These services may be required due to decreased physical capabilities of an individual or diminishing cognitive abilities of the individual. MIMI Cares Personal Care Caregivers undergo special dementia care training which provides them with the tools to work with cognitively impaired individuals in unique and creative ways. Having a caregiver with specialized training is key to obtaining a higher level of cooperation and reduced anxiety for the client.

MIMI Cares Personal Care Caregivers assist with (but not limited to ):


  • Assisting with mobility, ambulation and transfers

  • Bathing, hygiene, grooming and dressing

  • Toileting and assistance with incontinence care

  • COVID Care (Assist with care during quarantine for positive or exposed clients )


  • Monitoring vital signs and medications

  • Preparing nutritious meals and assistance as needed with feeding

  • Facilitating physical and occupational therapy exercise programs that have been prescribed

Companion Services

Companion Services offer special advantages to those individuals that might spend a lot of time alone or who may struggle to keep their daily activity at a high level. Having a kind and friendly caregiver provides emotional support and can be a great encouragement for an individual. Maintaining activities and remaining engaged has been shown to increase independence and improve an individual’s overall well being as they age.


  • Plan and encourage social activities

  • Create menus and prepare meals

  • Transport to special activities, appointments, or to just run errands



  • Assistance with light housekeeping and laundry

  • Prompts to take medications for better compliance

  • Provide increased peace of mind just by having a regular companion visit


Transition Care Services are provided in order to assist senior adults through challenging or difficult transitions – whether it is a move from a private home to a senior living community or a transition from the hospital back to their home. As we age, physical relocation can cause a variety of stressors resulting in extreme agitation, emotional outbursts, depression, or exacerbation of previously managed chronic illnesses. Personal Care can provide caregivers to accompany and advocate for individuals who are hospitalized or in a skilled nursing facility or accompany them after discharge from these facilities back home. Helping a senior adult adjust to a new living environment can also be very valuable in allowing them to adjust to the changes in their daily routine. Smoothing out these transitions can help reduce not only the stress and anxiety but can also contribute to a reduction in avoidable hospital readmissions. It is very beneficial for the individual to have a feeling of safety and continuity during these times of transitional change.

Specialist Services

Specialty Services are available for individuals whose care needs go beyond the scope of activities of daily living (as described under companion and personal care services). These services require the intervention and/or oversight of a licensed professional (RN or LPN).

Services provided include:


  • Medication management and administration

  • Ostomy, colostomy, ileostomy management

  • Wound care



  • Management of feeding tubes and catheters

  • Diabetic care

  • Personalized Specialty Care

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